These Reasons Work Email Can Affect Your Mental Health

Everyday work that is piled up must be balanced with rest. Sometimes at rest, you have to be completely free from all work-related matters so that you are not overshadowed by tasks waiting tomorrow. One of the things that must be considered is a work email.

Even if you don’t use it when you get home from work, notifications that keep burning can make the desire to open an email continue. If you experience this often, please be more vigilant!

Reported by, feels obliged to check work email outside office hours is not only bad for your health and well-being, but also the relationship between family and closest relatives. Even if you don’t open your inbox while at home, the pressure to do so can trigger anxiety.

The study related to work email and mental health was conducted by researchers involving 182 participants. Each participant works at least 30 hours per week in various fields, including technology, health, and government. The average participant was between 31 and 35 years of age from various relationship status backgrounds, including those who were single until they were married. How is the result?

Study of work email and mental health
The researchers asked participants to fill out the survey for four consecutive days. The questions include how often they check work emails outside working hours, and how long they do it. Participants also reported feelings of anxiety and conflict they had with others due to this habit.

The results of the study show that the habit of opening work emails at an unnecessary time can cause significant mental health disorders. He can trigger stress, depression, to other disorders.

“The office might think that continued connectivity, even if it happened at the right time, could be beneficial because it would get more productivity from employees,” said William Becker, a researcher from Virginia Tech.

But on the other hand, research conducted by Becker and the team shows that this actually adds to the company’s long-term costs. This is because companies must incur health costs for employees who experience fatigue, stress, to depression.

It is important for a company to pay attention to the welfare of its employees. This can be done by maximizing employee breaks outside working hours. On the other hand, employees must also be aware of their valuable weekends and are not intended as a moment to complete office tasks.

“Every individual (employee) must also apply limits on work, where they must turn off office equipment and maximize their days off,” continued Becker.

Maintaining mental health
In addition to maximizing rest time on weekends, you can also apply a number of ways to maintain mental health. Based on the advice of Dr. Alberta Jessyln Gunardi, you can do the following tips:

Studies prove that feeling close or valued by others is a basic human need. Therefore, good social relationships can maintain optimal mental health.

Take advantage of the lunch moment
Enjoy your lunch time. Relaxing and telling stories while having lunch with coworkers can restore mood and drive away the fatigue caused by work.

Search for entertainment
When you are stressed by work, try to find a little entertainment for example listening to music. This activity can help you get rid of fatigue and restore focus to work. Studies show that slow, calm music can provide relaxation and reduce anxiety.

Help coworkers
Studies prove that helping others can foster a sense of happiness within. As is known, happiness is one way to maintain mental health remains excellent.

Exercising regularly can reduce the incidence of depression and anxiety disorders. This healthy activity is also good for maintaining mental health and your body. Some exercise options that you can do at the office, for example walking around the office, prefer to go up the stairs rather than take the elevator, and others.

Already understand, right, the reason why work email can interfere with your mental health? Maximize rest time on weekends and do the above to maintain mental health. Greetings healthy!